We begin with a phone consultation, always between you and one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys.  Together we will decide on a plan of action.   Knowing that there are concrete steps to take often gives people a sense of hope and relief.  We know that you feel badly enough being in debt – whether caused by job loss, medical bills, or poor money management – and the last thing you need is a lecture or made to feel ashamed.  That is why we treat all of our clients with the same honesty, respect, and dignity that we would want in a similar situation.

Bankruptcy cases vary from client to client depending on your goals, assets, debts, income and expenses… but after many years of assisting clients throughout northern New Jersey, we are confident that our office is equipped to handle anything.  We have helped thousands of people with all kinds of financial problems.


  • A Client is the most important person in this office – in person, on the telephone, or by mail.
  • A Client is not dependent on us. We are dependent upon the Client.  A Client is not an interruption of our work.  We are not doing a favor by serving our Client… Our Client is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to help.
  • A Client is not someone to argue with or match wits with.  No one ever won an argument with a Client.
  • A Client is a person who brings us his or her needs.  Our job is to handle those needs in a way that is most beneficial to the Client… and secondarily to ourselves.
Law Offices of Scott E. Tanne assists New Jersey Bankruptcy clients in Essex, Union, Morris, Passaic, Sussex and Bergen Counties as well as the cities of Newark, Elizabeth, East Orange, West Orange, Irvington, and Dover, NJ.

We offer reasonable fees and payment plans. Contact us today at 973-701-1776 for your free consultation with one of our attorneys.